German Measles.

Some information that I would like to share,

Rubella, also known as German measles, is an infectious disease caused by therubella virus. The virus passes from person-to-person via droplets in the air expelled when infected people cough or sneeze - the virus may also be present in the urine, feces and on the skin. The hallmark symptoms of rubella are an elevated body temperature and a pink rash. 

Although rubella can infect people of all ages, it most commonly affects young children. If a pregnant woman becomes infected with Rubella there is a serious risk of birth defects in the unborn baby. If the pregnant mother is infected within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy the child may be born with congenital rubella syndrome, which consists of a range of serious incurable illnesses. About one-fifth of infected pregnant women will miscarry. 

The name "rubella" comes from the Latin word rubella meaning "little red". As the disease was first described by German doctors in the mid-eighteenth century, it is also known as German measles.

Rubella is usually mild and frequently passes unnoticed. The disease can last from one to three days. Children usually recover faster than adults.

Okay budak budak tempat aku sekarang banyak dah kena benda ni.Kebetulan salah sorang budak bilik aku pun kena.Penuh rashes kt badan dia.So aku pun cuak gak la.Symptoms dia macam aku dah ada..Ok serious benda ni menakutkan.Macam zaman H1n1 dulu.Senang je nak tau kau terjebak ke tak dengan benda ni,first kau demam esoknya kau ruam ruam.

Sekarang satu bilik kena quarantine.Tak boleh pegi mana mana selain tingkat 4 ni.Even makanan pun dorang akan belikan,walaupun servis perkhidmatan sangat lembs..Tolong doakan semua akan okay.Segala jenis ujian Tuhan bagi ni semua ada hikmahnya,dia nak kita dekat dengan dia.

Apapun,jaga diri semua.

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